WIC book


 Women in Conversation

(The Book)

Women In Conversation

β€œ5.5 in x 5.5 in” book

Women In Conversation originated as my thesis project. It is a collection of dialogue between women, focused on the impacts of their gender identities on daily life. The conversations feature three types of relationships: family, friends and strangers. Each speaks to our willingness to navigate the depth of intimacy and share our vulnerability.

The original format was a sound installation, but since the gallery was only a temporary space I wanted this piece to live in a physical realm as well. I pulled quotes to highlight specific points of conversation from the women I spoke with. I felt that the book format elevated the topics and placed focus on the context of certain subjects.


Page Layout

Color Concept: Rough Draft of Posters for Thesis Installation

The color concept for the book came from an exploration in poster design for the original Thesis Installation. I had scrapped the idea for the gallery space, but I enjoyed how welcoming and vibrant the color combos for this work had been and decided to carry it over into the page design.